John Leguizamo Recently Performed Latin History for Morons on Rikers Island

John Leguizamo uncovered to Seth Meyers that he performed Latin History for Morons on Rikers Island as of late.

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The show was adjusted somewhat given that he couldn’t allude to sex or swear before the detainees, the star told the Late Night with Seth Meyers have, including that the expansion of jail gatekeepers was a bit diverting. In any case, the message of the show didn’t change.

Latin History for Morons instructs spectators about the absence of portrayal the Latino people group has been given in history books and in acknowledgment. In 2018, the show got a unique Tony Award for commitments to the theater.

Latin History for Morons is at present visiting America. It will play an all-encompassing keep running in Los Angeles starting September 5, trailed by seven days in length commitment in Chicago October 29 through November 3.